Our community based counseling services offer home and office based individual and family therapy. Shiloh House is dedicated to providing a complete continuum of services to our community. Essential components of our continuum of care include prevention, early intervention, and community reintegration counseling services.

Shiloh House utilizes evidence-based programs and practices throughout our mental health counseling services. We assist our clients in linking thoughts, feelings and behaviors, teaching new, healthy, empathic, and reality based ways of thinking. Clients have guided opportunities to rehearse healthy ways to cope with life stressors and to achieve resolution of overwhelming thoughts and feelings related to past traumatic life experiences, as well as present life challenges.

Shiloh House provides Master’s level Individual and Family Therapy to address all presenting mental health and family conflict needs for individuals and families.
Our community based counseling services include home and office based individual and family therapy.

The goals of these services are:

  1. Mental health stabilization and improved functioning and well-being in all areas including work, family and relationships.
  2. To provide the individual with evidence based therapy to ensure the highest degree of positive change and well-being.
  3. To assist the family in the development of a nurturing and healthy home environment which will enable the children to successfully progress in their development and academic achievement.
  4. To assist the individual and/or family in the development of healthy coping skills and tools.
  5. To assist the individual and/or family in increased pro-social behaviors and increased protective factors.
  6. To provide a strength based, accountable, relationship oriented service which respects the family while ensuring that the goals of treatment are achieved.
  7. To provide intensive psycho-educational treatment that increases each client and family’s understanding of unhealthy interaction patterns in a way that enables the individual/family to eliminate unhealthy patterns.