Shiloh House utilizes volunteers in a variety of ways to create meaningful connections and opportunities for those involved with our services to grow and thrive. Volunteers are needed for one-time projects or recurring volunteer roles on a weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule. To ensure a positive experience for all involved, volunteers complete an application and are provided with an initial orientation and ongoing training depending on the level of volunteer involvement.

Volunteers are a vital part of Shiloh House’s mission of providing care and support for children and young people whose lives have been impacted by abuse, neglect and trauma. We strive to build a circle of support around each child through our volunteer network.

One-on-One Opportunities

Individuals who want to be part of a young person’s life through ongoing coaching and mentoring. These volunteers give an average of 3 hours per month to the children in our care.


  • Helping a young person learn a life skill
  • Spending time with a young person at a monthly life circle
  • Teaching a basic game or skill
  • Helping a young person who is learning to live independently

Volunteering with a Group

A perfect opportunity for those wishing to work with others and support a group of children or youth. These activities are usually special opportunities or an event. These volunteers spend an average of 6 hours per event or activity.


  • Facilitating one of our monthly life circles
  • Hosting an activity for a group of young people
  • Helping at monthly assemblies
  • End of school and graduation celebration
  • Holiday celebration

Volunteering to Support Activities

Individuals or groups who want to help with planning, preparation or creating a special opportunity or event for children and youth. These volunteers spend an average of 6 hours per year.


  • Making holiday gifts (stockings, Easter baskets, etc.)
  • Planning and preparing event activities
  • Writing cards (birthday, holiday, thinking of you, etc.)
  • Creating special packages for young people living on their own
  • Clerical Support


In order to ensure that volunteers have a positive experience as well as to ensure the safety of our youth, all volunteers are interviewed and required to submit information for a background check. Shiloh House also provides volunteers with initial and ongoing training depending on the level of volunteer involvement.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please call 303-933-1393 or email us at