Life Skills Coaching

Our life Skills Coaches provide services to clients in their homes or in other community settings. Services are based directly on the needs of the individual family. After an initial assessment, a personalized treatment plan will be created to address the specific needs identified.

The treatment plan will help clients build strengths in areas such as:

  1. Creating and maintaining safety and stability for all family members through development of routine, structure and age appropriate supervision.
  2. Time management techniques.
  3. Budgeting.
  4. Accessing community resources.
  5. Understanding and maintaining healthy parent-child boundaries and relationships.
  6. Household management.
  7. Scheduling and attending appointments.

Supervised Visitation

During supervised visitation sessions, Life Skills Coaches demonstrate parenting techniques and responses that are age appropriate for the children within the family. This applied learning approach helps parents build skills they may not have previously had the opportunity to learn, and increases the confidence they feel in their ability to meet the needs of their children. Life Skills Coaches teach parents effective, age-appropriate discipline techniques such as limit setting, establishing natural and logical consequences, healthy boundaries, consistent structure and routine, and how to create goals that are appropriate for the age and cognitive ability of each child.

Our Community Outreach Services program offers families an opportunity to enjoy discrete and comfortable supervised visitation at the Family Engagement Center. Visitation may also take place at pre-approved community locations or even within the home. A professional Life Skills Coach will be available for any questions, as well as to ensure child safety and quality of visitation.

Meals offer a significant time for family bonding and the development of positive, healthy relationships. Our fully functional kitchen offers an opportunity for the preparation of and enjoyment of family meals, as well as the opportunity to preserve family traditions.

Therapeutic Parenting Time

Therapeutic Parenting Specialists work on parenting skills using individualize coaching and modeling techniques. Through our Therapeutic Parenting Time Program we also provide goal focused supervised parent – child visitation.

Therapeutic Parenting Time is a community based program. And is designed to ensure safe reunification through empowerment, empathetic understanding of their child, improved parenting conflict management and active parenting skill development. Therapeutic Parenting Time specialists engage families within a natural setting to empower the parents to understand their child’s needs and to help the parent learn and practice the skills to meet their child’s needs within their unique family structure and culture, while in a home-like setting.