Nine year old Jacob came to Shiloh House after two failed adoptions. Unfortunately, this was not Jacob’s first time as a client at Shiloh House. His mother had neglected him and he was often left to fend for himself and his younger siblings. Jacob struggled with interacting appropriately and positively with others. He would become upset when he didn’t get what he wanted, wailing and saying hateful things to people. These behaviors made it difficult for prospective adoptive families to accept Jacob into their home. As a result, Jacob felt that he would never find a family.

During his time at Shiloh House, Jacob worked very hard to make improvements in his behaviors and the way that he expressed his emotions. He had a significant decrease in his emotional outbursts and was able to identify and utilize various coping skills to help him calm his mind and body. Jacob loved Star Wars, so as a means of helping Jacob learn how to have control over his body and mind, he worked on identifying ways that a “Jedi” would behave. This was as an activity that Jacob said “Really helped me know how to act.”

After over a year and a half of treatment, an adoptive family was identified for Jacob. He was so excited at the possibility of being part of a family. He and his adoptive parents worked to build a relationship and Jacob successfully transitioned to their home and became a part of his “forever family”. When Jacob was discharging, he told his therapist:

“Shiloh was kinda like a home to me. The staff helped to take care of me and keep me safe. I’ve learned a lot about how to get along with people and show my emotions in a better way”.

Shiloh House had the privilege of being able to be a supportive, safe, structured environment for Jacob on two occasions. The things he learned during both of his stays at Shiloh have helped him to be a healthier young boy and have given him tools for being successful in the years to come.