Shiloh House opened the Beyond the Walls program in early 2012 with the goal of creating a seamless tapestry of support for young people as they transition from out of
home care to independence. Through a strong Community Resource Network young people are linked to resources and mentors that provide life skills, learning opportunities and tools to help them achieve their goals for the future.

18 year old Sarah, was placed in the shelter at Shiloh Houses’ Sanctuary campus in January 2014 due to allegations from her parents that she was trying to endanger her step-father’s life. Sarah was angry and promised to run on her 18th birthday which was only a couple of months away. Sarah was referred to the Beyond the Walls program at that time where she started meeting with staff three times a week. Sarah made remarkable progress. She learned life skills such as budgeting, time management, employment skills including how to apply and interview for a job. Sarah was able to secure a job at a local restaurant very quickly. Sarah began education recovery in order to obtain her GED. She was also attending therapy sessions on a consistent basis. Sarah remained in the shelter while looking for an apartment. In August she was able to secure a place and was and was able to move out of the shelter. Sarah continually “Thanks” the staff for “Saving my life”. The Beyond the Walls staff have set Sarah up for success by surrounding her with the support she needs to make positive choices in her life.