The Shiloh First service is a rapid response and prevention program. Shiloh First is designed to assist families, who are at risk for entry into the Child Welfare System and who are struggling with a variety of challenges. Shiloh First services provide a professional home based visitation and completion of an individualized comprehensive family resource guide. The program is voluntary, and there is no cost to families.

The Objectives of the Shiloh First Services are:

  1. To help the family reduce the risk for interventions by Children, Youth and Families Protection Services.
  2. To decrease future referrals to the Department of Human Services.

The Target Population of the Shiloh First Service is:

  1. Families struggling with child and adolescent parenting challenges.
  2. Children and youth who are demonstrating behaviors that are beyond the control of parents.
  3. Families referred to the Department of Human Services with children ages 10-18 who have been reviewed by the County for issues related to family conflict but have not opened a case.
  4. Families who are not in need of interventions by the Department of Human Services but who will benefit from community support and resources.
  5. Families not assigned to case workers within the Department of Human Services.
  6. Youth with truancy related resource needs.

The Shiloh First service is a rapid response and prevention program built on voluntary participation.

The Shiloh First Process for Engaging Families:

  1. Upon receiving the family’s contact information, the Shiloh First Coordinator invites the family to schedule a meeting with a Shiloh House representative.
  2. We follow up with phone calls encouraging the families to schedule a session with us and educating the family on the wide variety of helpful resources.
  3. Our Shiloh First Coordinator visits the family at their home or at a convenient community location. All family members are encouraged to participate in the family meeting.
  4. Following the family meeting the Strength & Needs Assessment and the Shiloh First Coordinator develops an individualized family resource guide which provides the family with a valuable list of individually detailed community resources and support geared specifically to their needs.
  5. If the client declines to have a home visit. Shiloh House offers to provide resources over the phone and/or to send additional resources to the family electronically or by mail.
  6. Shiloh First services are voluntary. Our Shiloh First Coordinator helps the family to see the benefit of the services and encourages the families to utilize the resources and resolve the areas of family conflict.