Shiloh House is dedicated to providing a complete continuum of services to the children and families in our community. Essential components of our continuum of care include prevention, early intervention and community reintegration services. An important component of our continuum of care is foster care.

Shiloh House is dedicated to helping children heal from neglect and abuse. Foster Care is essential in many children’s lives to help them discover success, confidence and security in school, family life, relationships and the community.

Opening your heart and home to a child through the Shiloh House Foster Care program will provide a child the opportunity to discover family relationships and safety in a way they may have never known. Through foster care the child’s life is positively changed in a way that no other treatment or service can provide. Children who have been hurt in relationships can only heal through safe and loving relationships.


Each child’s future is established within the family environment. Youth who have completed the residential level of care and cannot return home to their biological family are provided the vital support in their treatment journey through the opportunity to transition from residential care to a foster family. Additionally, foster care can be provided to a youth who is struggling in the community as a prevention tool to assist them in achieving stability and preventing further movement toward delinquency, deteriorating mental health, substance abuse and possible abuse and neglect or self harm.

Foster care provides a highly structured family environment where children can achieve successful community based support. Foster families are highly trained in child development, risk management, and effective treatment strategies and interventions to ensure that the foster care youth can successfully remain in the community within a family environment.

Shiloh House provides all the training and support to assist you in becoming a foster parent. Join the Shiloh House team and change a child’s life!