Shiloh House Evening Reporting Center is an alternative to secure detention for pre-adjudicated and adjudicated adolescents. The services provided offer a passage away from detention, further court involvement and out-of-home placement, while providing tailored programming that addresses each youth’s individual needs and strengths.

Evening Reporting Center offers, within a highly structured environment:


  1. Academic tutoring and monitoring.
  2. Truancy counseling
  3. Life skills development
  4. Conflict resolution
  5. Substance abuse counseling
  6. Resource development
  7. College and career exploration
  8. Therapeutic recreation

The goal of the Evening Reporting Center is:

  1. Improve the youth’s academic attendance
  2. Appearance at all scheduled judicial hearings
  3. Maintenance of appropriate behavior at home and in the community
  4. Performance of community service
  5. No commission of new delinquent acts

Evening Reporting Center staff members work with schools, juvenile probation officers, parents, courts, case workers and other community partners to collaboratively achieve the program objectives