Beyond the Walls joins the services provided by Shiloh House to complete the continuum of support for youth ages 16-26 as they become successful, productive young adult members of their local communities. Beyond the Walls creates a seamless tapestry of support for young people as they transition from out of home care to independence. Through a vibrant Community Resource Network young people link to resources and mentors which provide life skills, learning opportunities and tools to help every young person achieve their goals for the future.

Beyond the Walls uses the proven mentoring model of Circles to assist young people in gaining vital confidence and support during times of change in their lives. The Circles model combines the benefits of one on one coaching and working within a group of peers. A combination of action learning, coaching and peer mentoring provides young people with a wider source of support and inspiration for idea generation. This approach encourages greater creativity in problem solving and helps each young person learn how to thrive on the journey toward permanency.

Our Community Resource Network is made up of partners who are willing to make a commitment to developing a healthy relationship that will support youth in and out of home care to begin their journey with confidence. Beyond the Walls partners with young people as they move from case management, toward being community connected and begin building a foundation of connections and social capital to help each young person thrive. The volunteers in our Community Resource Network link young people to opportunities and experiences to help them reach their goals. This integrated system of resources and connections amplifies the ability for each youth to have caring adults working with them as they journey toward the future.

Beyond the Walls at Shiloh House works to ensure that every young person is:

  1. Attached to nurturing adults
  2. Linked with educational supports that lead to career readiness
  3. Engaged in community, school and/or extracurricular activities
  4. Career ready with positive attitudes about the world of work
  5. Productive and equipped to reach financial self-sufficiency
  6. Aware of, appreciates and demonstrates behaviors of personal and social responsibility
  7. Demonstrating healthy decisions that lead to well-being