Shiloh House offers a continuum of care for youth between the ages of 5 and 18 who are working to overcome the impact of abuse, neglect and trauma.

Youth and their families work with a team of Shiloh House staff to develop the youth’s self esteem, social skills and positive self-expression. Educational and vocational planning is incorporated into the youths’ treatment plan for increased success.

Shiloh House remains committed to community based programming and a Trauma Informed Care approach. We strive to provide a natural, home-like environment where safe community relationships are developed, maintained and encouraged. We believe that fostering community connections supports our youths transition back to the community and their family.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach Services provide in home and community based services to educate families based on their direct needs.

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Outpatient Counseling

Outpatient services include in-home and in-office individual and family therapy. Addressing trauma, abuse, child-parent conflict, and mental health needs.

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Therapeutic Parenting Time (TPT)

Therapeutic Parenting Time is designed to ensure safe parent child reunification through empowerment, empathetic understanding of their child, improved parent-child conflict management and active parenting skill development. Therapeutic Parenting Time Specialists engage families within a natural setting to empower the parents to understand their child’s needs and to help the parent learn and practice the skills to meet their child’s developmental needs within their unique family structure and culture.

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Beyond The Walls

Beyond the Walls provides transitional coaching for youth 16-26. Beyond the Walls creates a network of support and resources that exists naturally in local communities. Young people build a plan by assessing where they are currently and their goals for the future. The youth that participate in Beyond the Walls will have the opportunity to work with an Independent Living Coach to identify their needs, set goals, and connect them with our Community Partners or Resources. The youth is then linked to opportunities and experiences to help them reach their goals.

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Shiloh First

The Shiloh First service is a rapid response, voluntary participation, no cost to the family, prevention program. It is designed to assist families who are at risk for entry into the Child Welfare System and who are struggling with a variety of challenges, such as: truancy, running away, substance abuse, child beyond the control of parent, mental health challenges, grief and loss and system confusion.

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Foster Care

Shiloh House is dedicated to helping children heal from neglect and abuse. Foster Care is essential in many children’s lives to help them discover success, confidence and security in school, family life, relationships and the community. Opening your heart and home to a child through the Shiloh House Foster Care program will provide a child the opportunity to discover family relationships and safety in a way they may have never known.

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Short Term RCCF Shelter

Shiloh House’s Shelter Care services are designed to shelter youth for a short term, while situational stabilization is sought. When appropriate, youth may stay for an extended period of time to meet identified needs.

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Problematic Sexual Conduct

Shiloh House provides in-home and community based services for youth ages 8-18 and their families who are struggling with a wide variety of Problematic Sexual Conduct (PSC).

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Day Treatment

The Shiloh House Day Treatment Program is designed for youth ages 7-18 facing challenges in the public school system, the legal system, or transitioning to a less restrictive environment. Day treatment offers daily therapeutic intervention to support youth learning the necessary social and behavior skills so that they may succeed at home, in school and in the community.

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Education Only

Shiloh House provides specialized on-grounds schools to assist youth ages 7-18 in developing the necessary academic and social skills needed to re-enter a less restrictive school environment. Shiloh House provides each youth a challenging, academically sound educational experience that is aimed at maintaining and/or improving academic, vocational and social functioning. Shiloh Academy provides teachers and paraprofessional staff who are highly qualified to meet the education needs of students with a wide range of behavioral and mental health issues whose needs cannot be met in a traditional school setting.

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Education Outreach Services

Shiloh House provides in-home and in-school educational tutoring and academic and behavioral support to families and students. This service is aimed at providing intervention systems that will help address behaviors linked to expulsion, suspension, dropping out of school, and truancy. Shiloh House works with youth ages 7-18 to provide educational support, credit recovery, life skills coaches, student tracking and case management.

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Residential Services

Shiloh House offers therapeutic residential treatment programs for children ages 5 to 17 to help youth struggling behaviorally due to: significant abuse and/or neglect, conduct disorder, severe trauma and trauma related issues, history of substance abuse, and sexual reactivity or sexual offense.

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Admission to all Shiloh House treatment programs can be made by calling Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00.(303) 932-9599 or any other time, (720) 775-7804. Shiloh House will accept referrals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All youth considered for our programs are carefully screened for suitability and availability of our services.

Evening Reporting Center

Evening Reporting Center offers academic tutoring and monitoring, truancy counseling, life skills development, and conflict resolution among other services. To offer a passage away from detention, further court involvement and out-of-home placement for pre-adjudicated and adjudicated adolescents.

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Shiloh House Respite is a short term service designed to assist Colorado families in preventing the disruption of placement for youth who may be at risk of being removed from their families or who are already placed in foster care.

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Shiloh Academy

Shiloh Academy provides teachers and paraprofessional staff who are highly qualified to meet the special education needs of students ages 7-18 with a wide range of behavioral and mental health issues whose needs cannot be met in a traditional school setting.

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