Administrators at Shiloh House specialize in their area of expertise including residential services, human resource management, clinical, educational and financial services. Shiloh House Administrators also serve as liaisons to the community and to other professionals in the field.


Clinicians at Shiloh House provide intensive therapeutic services individually with clients as well as family and multi-family group services, case management and crisis intervention services. Clinicians are licensed professionals that hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work or a Master’s Degree in a related field with experience working with emotionally disturbed youth and their families.

Treatment Counselors

Treatment Counselors provide direct care to youth participating in Shiloh House’s therapeutic treatment programs. They are responsible for daily documentation, behavior management, teaching social and life skills to clients and integrating goals identified in clients’ treatment plans in day to day tasks. Treatment Counselors must have a Bachelor’s Degree in a human services related field or 2 years of education with 2 years experience in a human services related field. Experience may be substituted for a Degree in some cases.


Certified, licensed teachers provide instruction for students requiring a more structured classroom setting that address the behavioral issues, academic needs.

Life Skills Coaches

Our Life Skills Coaches provide services to clients in their homes or in other community settings. Services are based directly on the needs of the individual family.

Therapeutic Parenting Time Coaches

Therapeutic Parenting Time coaches engage families within a natural setting to empower the parents to understand their child’s needs and to help the parent learn and practice the skills to meet their child’s needs.

Education Outreach Coaches

Shiloh House offers educational support services that provide intervention systems designed to help address behaviors linked to expulsion, suspension, dropping out of school, and truancy.