Shiloh House offers specialized 24-hour care for youth between the ages of 5 to 18 experiencing severe behavioral and emotional issues. Placed in home-like settings, youth receive intensive therapeutic intervention to address behaviors and issues that affect their daily participation in the community.

Clinicians use individual, family, multi-family group and peer group therapy to develop the youths self esteem, anger management skills, social skills and positive self-expression. Each youth sets goals and earns privileges based on their accountability and responsibility within the program. Educational and vocational planning may be incorporated into the youth’s treatment plan for increased success.

Shiloh House remains committed to community based programming. We strive to provide the opportunity for youth to remain in a home-like environment. As appropriate, community connections are developed, maintained and encouraged.

Portland West & East

Portland West & East | Residential Child Care Facility

Estes | Residential Child Care Facility

Yarrow | Residential Child Care Facility
The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary | Short Term Emergency Placement / RCCF
Adams North

Adams North | Residential Child Care Facility

Longmont | Residential Child Care Facility
Adams North

Family Engagement Center | Supervised Visitation Services